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Holiday Arts, Crafts & Vintage Market 2010 - swell gallery

Holiday Arts, Crafts & Vintage Market 2010

Dec 3–18, 2011

Looking for unique gifts for the loved ones on your list this holiday season? (Or a special treat for yourself?) Check out the swell Holiday Arts & Crafts Market, opening December 3 from 5-9 pm.

We’ll have paintings and prints, not to mention a smorgasbord of crafty and vintage items such as ornaments, magnets, bookmarks, jewelry, soaps and more. A large selection of items under $20!

Can’t make it during our Friday and Saturday hours? E-mail us for an appointment: curator@swellgallery.com.

Join us opening weekend and enjoy the Dickens in Dundee festival!

* swell Holiday Arts & Crafts Market *


swell gallery

123½ W Main St
West Dundee, IL 60118