Artists: The Natural World

Debbie Beller - Pink African Daisy

Debbie Beller

Kristen Gosselin -  Bird's Nest in the Moss Pocket Watch Necklace

Kristen Gosselin

Jennifer Hines - Untitled Plant 19

Jennifer Hines

Kim Hoffman - Lenten Rose 1

Kim Hoffman

nikki hollander - vintage plate necklace

nikki hollander

Cindy Kennedy - South End Park Bench

Cindy Kennedy

Kristin Knowski - Red-Bellied Woodpecker with white

Kristin Knowski

Laura Krause - Buffalo

Laura Krause

Robert Lait - Water Lilies

Robert Lait

Kari McDonlald - Envious Longing

Kari McDonlald

Maggie Puckett - Fire To Fire

Maggie Puckett

swell gallery is proud to include these artists in our upcoming exhibition, The Natural World.

Opening: March 10, 5-9 pm

Hours: 2-6 pm  Thursdays & Saturdays through March 31