JC's Naturals

Handcrafted, organic skin, hair, and home care


JC’s Naturals was started in 2011 by Jaden and Jordan Chambers with the help of their father, John. They started with organic hand rolled beeswax candles, from a homeschool kit. The company has since changed the management from dad to mom, Gina, but continues with products made by the kids.

They expanded their products to jarred candles, now using new, unfiltered, local beeswax. Beeswax is known to ionize the air, cleaning it for sufferers of asthma and allergies. Also, they are now making a line of skin, hair, and home care products including lip balms, lotion sticks with a therapeutic line, foaming hand/body soaps, hand sanitizers, bug spray, dry shampoo, sheet/pillow/room sprays, body sprays, massage oil, and our newest product, colloidal silver which is known to kill single cell organisms, including virus, bacteria, and fungus.

They use all natural, mostly organic ingredients in their products and hope to educate our customers in similar thinking.